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Your next networking or telecommunications project deserves the expertise and cost-saving strategies delivered by Core180.

Core180 is a global systems integrator and project management firm with deep experience creating and managing sophisticated telecom and IT network solutions for U.S. government agencies within the U.S. and abroad in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, including Department of Defense, Civil, and Intelligence agencies. We partner with trusted, agile and best-of-breed vendors who possess the same level of experience and commitment to your success – both in the field and on your bottom line.

Core180 delivers increased network flexibility, improved control, seamless operational capabilities, reduced expense, deployment efficiencies and maximum security.

Core180 offers open, easily interoperable technology platforms including:

  • Managed Bandwidth Services, managed point-to-point bandwidth services within and between hard-to-reach CONUS and OCONUS locations
  • CORECloud™, affordable and secure cloud solutions that enable government agencies to leverage the same power and flexibility
    that are available in commercial markets
  • COREStream™, a data transfer acceleration service that operates over existing networks to move large data files exponentially faster and more efficiently

For more information, contact Core180 at +1 (201) 888-0739.

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